National Bowelscan


Bowelscan is a public awareness program seeking to increase community knowledge of bowel cancer and its symptoms as well as the distribution of faecal occult blood testing kits to facilitate early diagnosis.

The aims of the Bowelscan program are to:
• enhance public awareness of the need of bowel cancer screening;
• promote and coordinate the Bowelscan program annually;
• emphasise the importance of bowel cancer screening for both men and women over the age of 40.

Bowelscan is a not-for-profit initiative. The successful operation of Bowelscan, and its accessibility to a wide range of people, is made possible by the voluntary support of a large number of pharmacies, pathology laboratories and Rotary members. We thank all involved for their contribution.

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What is a Workplace Giving Program?

What is a Workplace Giving Program?

A term that may not be familiar to many individuals in the corporate world is that of a Corporate Citizen workplace giving program, though the term is currently growing in force and giving many businesses with the flexibility for employees to show how much they care for one another as well as towards the world at large.

An payroll giving agency allows individuals to give varying parts of their salaries or fringe benefits to others, namely those in need. While many may not be able to understand the motivation of these individuals, the main reason people often give is out of an overall generosity in their heart and out of an earnest desire to help others. A payroll giving agency helps to track and administer these gifts in a smart and intuitive way.

As an example, some individuals may find their co-worker experiencing a difficult time due to a health issue that is bothering them or a loved one. Since the illness may lead to a lot of absentee time. If another person in the company has additional paid time off days available that they want to donate they can go through a payroll giving agency to transfer this excess time off to that co-worker who so desperately needs it and both parties can feel better about the arrangement.

The same can be done with other company perks such as gifts or company outings or even payroll in certain situations. There are many different options that a payroll giving agency can assist with and a business that signs up for these services can provide another fringe benefit that their employees may appreciate at little cost for themselves but with the benefit of drawing co-workres together and fostering a positive team oriented culture that the business owners amy ultimately benefit from in the long term.

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Payroll Giving Agency For Beginners

Payroll Giving Agency For Beginners

If you are a small business owner, you may be wondering how you can best pay the employees you have and make life easier for yourself. You may want to consider a payroll giving agency. 

Where to Find Them

There are a lot of options when looking into payroll giving agency options. One of the easiest places to look is online. This is because you will have the option of finding different ones that may work for you and then choosing between them. 

Another idea is to look in your local area. While a payroll giving agency from Corporate Citizen doesn’t have to be in the same area, it might be better for you and your business if they are so you can get the most out of the agency and be able to talk to them if there are any issues.

How They Work

These agencies work well with all sizes of businesses because they can do the work you as the owner don’t have time for. They can make your payroll easy and help you to spend time on things that make more sense to you as a business person. You simply have to make sure they get accurate information on your employees so they can get them the money they are owed in a timely manner.

There are a lot of ways you can do your payroll, but you may want to think about adding a payroll giving agency to your team so you can concentrate on your business. This way you will be able to make more money without spending time on things like this and your employees will get paid like they should.

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